Reason #296: Combat Rock

yes! “Sandinista” was an amazing album when it came out, and “Go Straight To Hell” is an absolute classic! but you have to know (and love) the progression of the band that led them there to fully appreciate everything they did on that album, “Combat Rock” being a sort of post-eclectic free-for-all (which is what “Sandinista” was), and much more mainstream. for raw punk you gotta go for the first album and “Give ‘Em Enough Rope.” but their concerts couldn’t be beat!

500 Reasons Why The 80's Didn't Suck

combatThose who know me know that The Clash are one of my all-time favorite bands. You should also know that Sandinista! is my favorite Clash album. I’ve always thought of Combat Rock as the baby Sandinista!, in that it built upon the same eclectic musical ideas (some might say schizophrenic) of Sandinista! but edited down for popular consumption. Indeed it was the Clash’s most commercially successful album to date, due primarily to the singles Rock The Casbah (written by drummer Topper Headon!) and Should I Stay Or Should I Go. They even opened up for The Who, and were poised to take over the world and then…Strummer fired Jones, Headon left to pursue his heroin ‘hobby’, Strummer and Simonon (and a couple of young ‘punks’) released Cut The Crap–which it was–and that was that.

Combat Rock contains many of their best moments aside from those two hits. Straight To Hell is, to me, the best…

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