Devo (“Planet Earth”)

This is one of the most memorable concerts for me! It was their 1980 tour of “Freedom of Choice,” and I saw the show in San Francisco. I was up against the stage, wearing my yellow Devo “protective gear,” an old-school bicycle helmet and sunglasses that blinked red (with a wire I ran down my sleeve to control). The whole crowd was “de-evolutionized.” Video quality here is poor, but the memory is strong.


  1. Gwendolen · July 1, 2015

    Wow! You wore that to the concert! Was it the mail order Devo suit?! You owned it?! You get major respect from this humble enthusiast of all things Rock ‘n Roll.


    • vincent martin · July 2, 2015

      Yes, I sent in the form that was inside the album and actually appeared in my high school yearbook picture in that yellow Devo suit. At my high school that was very strange, since basically the kids only listened to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, bands I also love. But there was no “alternative” scene there. Had to go to the Bay Area for that 🙂


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