The Pogues (“Poor Paddy” and “Waxies’ Dargle”)

I saw The Pogues a few times and they put on AMAZING shows!! Of course, Shane MacGowan could barely stand by the end. He came out with a bottle of Jameson and it was gone at the end of the show. I love many of their songs, but my two favorite cuts are “Waxies’ Dargle” and “Bottle of Smoke.”

The Smiths (“Bigmouth Strikes Again”)

Yet another brilliant British band from the 80s. Huge impact on the music scene, and Morrissey keeps on going strong today… My copies of their debut album and “The Queen is Dead” were worn out with so many scratches from overplay. Saw their tour of “The Queen is Dead,” amazing as expected!

The Cars (“Since You’re Gone”)

Absolutely LOVED and LOVE The Cars! Saw them several times, including at the California State Fair in Sacramento (late ’70s?). I think it was before they released their first album, or that same year (’78), can’t recall for sure. Then several mind-blowing concerts in San Francisco on their tours for later albums. Chose this video because I love the song and also LOVED the show “Fridays,” which was slated as SNL’s competition (the night before, of course). “Fridays” was much more edgy, but only lasted a couple of years… sad trombone :/

Violent Femmes (“Kiss Off”)

Violent Femmes were always playing the I-Beam in San Francisco in the early 80s and I went every time. Excellent venue to see bands, but, alack and alas, was closed down and is now something else. Too many noise complaints, I imagine. But at the time it was one of my favorite venues, and I loved seeing the Violent Femmes there. Nostalgia time…

Wall of Voodoo (“Back in Flesh”)

My best friend in high school was the brother of keyboardist and bass player (and backup singer) Chas Gray, so I sort of grew up with this band. One very memorable show was at the Berkeley Square. After the band set up, Chas came over to my apartment to hang out for a while. We talked about the setlist and the band. Clearly problems going on among band members, and then Stan would later split off to do his own thing. A very memorable night!