1. Gwen · July 21, 2015

    Vincent, do you own vinyl? Or did you move on to the more practical forms of listening to music?


    • vincent martin · July 21, 2015

      I gave away my entire collection to a neighbor kid with little musical knowledge. I was tired of lugging so many boxes/pounds of records and stereo equipment around, as I was moving fairly frequently. That was 15 years ago. Hopefully, that young man has an amazing collection of vinyl today, much of it rare that I got from my dad (classic Motown, early Dylan, etc.), a lot more that I collected on my own. Now just digital…


  2. Gwen · July 21, 2015

    Yes, I understand about lugging things around. I, as well, have gone the digital route. I still haven’t parted with most of my collection, however.


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