The Clash (“Safe European Home”) [Live]

This was the amazing opening song on their second album, Give ‘Em Enough Rope. Very powerful song, and what a performance here at Bond’s!! These were the types of venues where Joe Strummer would come out to hang and chat with the audience after the concert. I was fortunate to experience that and speak with him on two occasions. The only band that mattered.

Roxy Music (“More Than This”)

A ubiquitous pop/new wave song at the time. Here Bryan Ferry not looking his best. Hot dance moves, though…. and did someone say “lip syncing?” Definitely a much different sound (and look) from when Brian Eno was in the band. Compare this to “Ladytron” from their debut album, for example (… But that is just meta-reminition, I suppose…


Elvis Costello and The Attractions (“Radio, Radio”)

The band’s famous performance on SNL that got him banned from the show. I remember watching it live, so excited to see the band on SNL. He was made to promise not to play “Radio, Radio,” so started off with “Less Than Zero.” A few measures in, he dumped it and went for “Radio, Radio.” Total rebellious move at that time. Very awesome!

Watch that live performance here (not on YouTube for some reason…. hmmmmm….):